Specialty Concretes

Alongside our standard quality-assured mixes we also offer a wide range of specialty high-performance concretes designed to meet the specific needs of your construction project.

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Promptis - Rapid Hardening Concrete

Promptis is a new rapid hardening, fast setting concrete solution that can help save valuable time during construction.

✓  Rapid construction
✓   Strip formwork within 6 hours
✓   Up to 40N strength in just 24 hours
✓   Ultimate strength achieved in under 7 days
✓   Easy to compact and finish

Permaflow - Permeable Concrete

Permaflow - is a permeable concrete technology that provides the optimal solution for surface and storm water management 

✓   Reduces storm water run-off
✓   Increases water infiltration to preserve
      soil natural conditions
✓   Is cost-effective - accelerating
      construction & reducing pipe sections
✓   Improves aesthetic appearance

Evolution - Self Compacting Concrete

Evolution is a self-levelling, self-compacting performance concrete allowing it to be placed fully compacted without segregation and with no vibration.


✓   Easily placed
✓   Reduced labour
✓   Virtually self levelling
✓   Enhanced workability and excellent early strength
✓   No compaction needed

Permatite - Waterproof Concrete

Permatite is a waterproof concrete solution suitable for basements, swimming pools, lift pits, green rooftops and many other structures that require waterproofing.

✓   Keeps water in or out as required
✓   Reduces risk of reinforcement corrosion
✓   Enhanced long term performance
✓   Increased Durability

Porofoam - Lightweight Foamed Concrete

Porofoam is a lightweight foamed concrete that is an ideal solution for void fill, stabilisation and various other projects that require a lighter weight concrete mix.


✓ Self levelling properties
✓ Can be pumped if needed
✓ Freeze & thaw resistant
✓ Insulating Properties
✓ Reduced Manpower

Advanced - Fibre Concrete

Advanced Concretes are pioneering products that combine micro and macro-synthetic fibres to give a new level of performance in reinforcement.

✓   Concrete & reinforcement placed in one operation
✓   Low wastage
✓   Offers a cost saving compared with mesh
✓   Reduces onsite cutting operations
✓   Provides resistance to cracking

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